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Director of photography Keith Wilson
Aerial cinematography & 2nd camera Jordan Freeman
3rd camera Seth Temple Andrews
4th camera Isabelle Carlier

Additional cinematography

Zen Cohen
Arielle Estrada
David B. Steinberg
James Mogal
John Raedeke
Nick Blond
NuReality Productions
Peter Ruocco
Rudy Behrens
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

Additional Video Contributions

Flood footage George Peek and Yhomariz Durazo
Underwater kelp forest David Huang (the Director of Technology and Research at SONGS Mitigation Monitoring)
Feedlot People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals--PETA
Least Bell's Vireo Don DesJardin
California stock footage and photos California Department of Water Resources
Hot Tub Shelia Malone
Owl National Park Service


Editor Keith Wilson
Associate editor Jordan Freeman
Assistant editor Alessia Cecchet
Editing assistance Amber Rose Kelly,Malinda O'Brien
Boom Operators Jordan Freeman, Mason Ivy

Post Production

Sound designer & rerecording mixer Jeremiah Moore Sound Design
Colorist and special effects Robert Arnold, Lateral Films
Sound effects editor Tanvi Phadke
Dialogue editor Andrew Roth

Graphic Design

Motion graphics Kia Simon & Sneaky Little Sister Film
Parade sign design Kern Toy
EARTH Lab Logo Design Julie Rogge
Graphic design Little Shiva
Webpage design Daniel Wasko Design


Cartographer Matthew Jameson
Map animation Josh Tuthill

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