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Extra special thanks Xandra Coe, Judy Meath, Joseph Kramer
Additional thanks Rick Prelinger, Carol Leigh, Graciella Travisan, Lisa Rofel, Adam Malovani, Kim Russo
Special thanks to these artistic collaborators Linda M. Montano, Pratibha Gautam, Craig Casey*,
Dorian Katz, Tessa Wills, John Sims,

Our gratitude to these institutions, organizations & businesses

National Park Service
University of California Santa Cruz
Center for Sex & Culture
The Boulder Creek Water Store
Opal Frye Farm
Jean Walsh at the San Francisco Public Utilities
Jenna Sue's Coffee Shop
Redwood Resort, Joe Raley & Dan
San Lorenzo Valley Historical Society

Thanks to these Locations

MRWPCA Regional Treatment Plant, Salinas, CA
Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea
Hearst Castle
San Lorenzo Water District Office: Brian C. Lee, Jen Michelsen, Holly Morrison
Catering & Food Management Becka Shertzer & Brazen Nectar

Thank you to our Food and Drink Sponsors

GT Kombucha
Amy's Kitchen
Pepples Donuts
Dirty Girl Farms
Lev's Original Kombucha
Rainbow Grocery
Oh My Greens
Frontier Snacks
Sprogs Fresh

Gratitude to the Documenta 14 Team

Adam Szymczyk, Curator
Paul B. Preciado, Curator of Events
Carlota Gomez
Viktor Neumann
and the entire staff

Extra special thanks to these inspiring environmental activists

Idle No More
Penny Opal Plant
Isabella Zizi
David Solnit
Refinery Healing Walks
Amanda Starbuck
Paul Corbit Brown

Salton Sea history & facts Megan Prelinger
Carbon facts Newton Harrison
Ocean facts Peggy Delaney
Ornithological & Wildlife Mel Preston
Advisor Linda M. Montano
Distribution advice Juno Films & Elizabeth Sheldon
Surfing instructor Russell Holcomb
Trainer Kimbal Barton

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