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Directed by Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle
Produced by Beth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle, Keith Wilson
Executive Producers Xandra Coe & Judy Meath
Associate Producer Jordan Freeman
Narrator Sandy Stone

Featured Interviews and Performances

Sandy Stone
(in order of appearance) Helen & Newton Harrison
Dragonfly aka "Justice Jester"
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Saul Garcia Lopez
Judy Dunaway
Reverend Billy Talen
Donna Haraway
Jonathon A. Smith
Jeff Brown & Faerthen Felix
Penny Slinger
Mark Readdie
Gary E. Petersen
Stephen A. Hogg
Don Canestro
Lora & Andrew Malvani
Lucille Malvani
Steve Loe
Vincent Barrigan
Natalie Silver & Josie Clerfond
Xandra Coe
Katie Alderman
Kristin Lostetter
Thomas German
C. Stanton
Jorge Molina

Animal collaborators

Butch the dog
Albert the peacock
Elephant seals at Piedras Blanca
Otto the dog
Black Angus bulls of the Central Valley
Fish, Snakes and Birds

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