Directors' Statement

Water Makes Us Wet flowed from various impulses: a deep concern for the natural world, a love of water, an appreciation for the possibilities of performance art, and our adventurous, creative partnership. The documentary is our attempt to compassionately co-align queer perspectives and environmental action. It also is part of our ongoing efforts to explore and expand what can be considered erotic and sexy. We believe, as filmmakers, activists, and artists, that the environmental movement is in desperate need of narratives that don’t only offer doom, gloom, and guilt but also offer sensual pleasures and joy within environmental action.

The experience we try to communicate with Water Makes Us Wet is that of possibility. While this documentary highlights environmental dangers and corporate irresponsibility, it’s also about beginnings, change, and how we can love and nurture the creatures and ecosystems we share our lives with. None of our environmental passions are dampened by the completion of this film and we are already working our next film in our trilogy, which will focus on environmental artists and their art. We're looking for a good title so ideas are welcome.